Masters in Computers Systems and Business Management
Director, Treasurer

Mr Kiran Kumar Sirikonda holds special interest for Life Sciences and its research and development, he is currently Executive Director – CENETRI PUBLISHING GROUP (CPG), the Market place for International Conferences, Exhibitions, Workshops and Journals in Life Sciences!
Conferences or Symposia held by CPG acts as the catalyst for the improvements in Science and Technology by serving as a connecting platform for scientists and researchers within various disciplines. These Conferences create a contributive environment where, there can be an exchange of information and knowledge, generation of new ideas and, various applications of the new research work are brought to the discussion.

CPG believes “Open Accessing the research in Science & Technology” to a maximum extent will open the doors for new opportunity to serve the human community worldwide, for which it chose different ways of creating awareness that includes, but not limited to its journals, conferences, and workshops. The overtaking of Print publications by Online or e-publishing was a milestone and now the Open Access that overtook various other means of publishing is considered as another great milestone in the field of publishing. We aim to create a vast platform of scientists, researchers and readers, for which we are also planning to make use of the social media. It is well-known fact that, in this current era, social media has nothing that it cannot do, and so, Cenetri wishes to reach the various communities of the society, create an awareness on the ongoing research in various fields, to these communities through the social media, which will be faster, user-friendly and broader.


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