Homeopaths all around Australia who have a passion for Homeopathic Medicine can become the Professional Ambassadors of GHF Australia. By becoming a Professional Ambassador you will be honoured by the Foundation and given benefits as discounts on event registrations like International conferences and Special Programmes organised by GHF Australia.

In return, the Professional Ambassador of GHF Australia is expected to be upholding the mission and values of the Foundation and be passionate & responsible to the profession, to be educated in Homeopathy and involve in research programs organised by GHF Australia.

Requirement for becoming a Professional Ambassador is to possess an accredited qualification by AROH or having relevant qualification & experience and a membership with a reputed & registered Association in Australia.

(**Please note that GHF Australia is not an association of homeopaths but a not for profit foundation and does not intend to compete with any existing professional bodies, but aims at working in unison with them in the promotion, development and research of Homeopathy in Australia.)


The Privileged Ambassadors of GHF Australia are those who had experienced and benefitted from the Science of Homeopathic medicine in their journey of life in the form treatment or quest for knowledge and have got passionate of this science of medicine.

They could be parents of kids who got benefitted or adults who got help in their improvement of health by Homeopathy as a preventative medicine or curative medicine.

As the saying goes... 'Experience maketh a man' and 'Actions and experience talk much louder than mere words'; those who had the positive benefits of Homeopathy in their own lives can become the best Ambassadors of Homeopathy than even any number of homeopaths put together. So GHF Australia values each of them and would like to honour them and invite them to be Privileged Ambassadors of GHF Australia.

Those joining in this group had been privileged to experience the goodness of Homeopathy for themselves as well are privileged to become a Privileged Ambassador of this Global Foundation of Homeopathy in Australia & GHF Australia is very much privileged to have you on board as you would be Ambassadors for Homeopathy and GHF Australia in the community. We would like to help you by supporting you in organising any awareness events on Homeopathy in your community.

In return, we would like to get your feedbacks and testimonials as well as your suggestions for the improvement of the Foundation's activities and Homeopathic Medicine reach in Australia.


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